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About our Programs
The Special Operations Warrior Foundation has three primary program areas providing support and assistance to special operations personnel and their families:
  • College Scholarships
  • Family Services
  • Wounded Special Operations Forces Support
College Scholarships:  The Special Operations Warrior Foundation ensures full post-secondary scholarships, not grants, for surviving children of fallen Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who lose their life in the line of duty.
Funding and support includes tuition, books, fees, room and board, a computer and printer.  The Foundation also provides funding for tutoring.
Scholarships can be used at private universities, state or community colleges, and vocational-technical training and career institutions.  
Today, there are 134 young adults enrolled in colleges and universities across the country with funding from the foundation.  The foundation has seen over 249 of its college students graduate.
"The people at SOWF genuinely care about us and they are not a check-in-the-mail type of organization. SOWF means so much to me because they take away the financial stress that comes along with college. I could not be more thankful." - Cheyenne Yost
Family Services: One of the major aspects that makes the Special Operations Warrior Foundation different from other scholarship foundations is our proactive approach to getting our students into college.  We actively stay in touch with each of our families and students throughout the formative years through birthday cards, graduation cards, and invitations to events across the country.
The foundation offers professional personal tutors to our students throughout the nation.  This service is available for any of our students, from middle school through college, to assist them in mastering their course work.
We have a licensed clinical social worker on our staff helping those families who need assistance with learning disabilities, academic challenges, and other counseling needs.
Wounded SOF Support:  The Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides immediate financial assistance to special operations personnel severely wounded in combat.  The Foundation provides $3,000 immediately to the families so they can be bedside at the hospital with their loved one.  Additionally, the Foundation provides an iPad to the service member so they can connect with their friends and family while recuperating.
To date, the foundation has provided more than $2.2 million to the families of wounded SOF troops.


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