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Supporting the Families of Fallen and Wounded Special Operators

Family Services


The Special Operations Warrior Foundation has a Family Services team dedicated to serving the families of fallen and wounded special operations personnel.

The Family Services Team consists of:  Family Services Directors, a licensed clinical social worker, scholarship counselor, and family services counselor. 

We provide on-going support and counseling services to all families of fallen special operators. Our counselors work with each family to ensure every child has the best possible opportunity to do well in school and graduate from college.

Even though our students have a much higher than average high school and college graduation rates, we are continually working to improve them.

We are now providing professional personal tutors to our students throughout the nation.  This service is available for any of our students, from middle school through college, to assist them in mastering their course work. 

What makes the SOWF different from other scholarship organizations is our pro-active team of counselors who reach out to every one of our beneficiaries, stay in touch via emails, phone calls, birthday cards, and invitations to special events.


 "There are no words to explain what SOWF provided me. My father was killed when I was 15 years old. SOWF was the something I could 100% rely on and not be in fear of rejection. SOWF never gave up on me and it’s why I have a future .”

-- Eric Thompson, the son of Army Col. Jerald Thompson, 5th Special Forces Group,
who lost his life in Iraq in 1994.




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