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Who is covered under the Special Operations Warrior Foundation program?
Any surviving child or children of a parent who loses his or her life in the line of duty while assigned to a U. S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) unit.
USSOCOM consists of nearly 70,000 Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Special Operations Forces, active and reserve. They are organized into a variety of land, sea and aerospace components, including:
  • Special Forces (Green Berets)
  • Rangers
  • Special Operations Aviators
  • Civil Affairs Soldiers
  • Military Information Support Operators
  • Sustainment Soldiers
  • Sea, Air, Land (SEALs) 
  • Special Warfare Combatant Craft (SWCC) Crewmen
  • Technicians such as mobile communications teams, tactical cryptological support, and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) specialists

  • Combat Controllers
  • Pararescuemen
  • Special Operations Weathermen
  • Tactical Air Control Party
  • Special Operations Aviators
  • Combat Aviation Advisors
  • Critical Skills Operators
  • Special Operations Officers
  • Special Operations Capabilities Specialists
  • Special Operations Combat Services Specialists
What services are offered by the Special Operations Warrior Foundation?
The SOWF program focuses its efforts in three areas: ensuring funding for a post-secondary education; immediate wounded warrior financial support; and family and educational counseling, including in-home tutoring.
Scholarship funds for children of Special Operations Forces are used by the student for tuition, books, fees, room and board, transportation and living expenses.
The SOWF is committed to ensuring scholarships for over 1,000 children. 

Last year, we provided over $4 million in scholarship grants, counseling, financial aid, beneficiary support and secured funds for future obligations incurred throughout the year. 

Since 2005, the SOWF has given over $2.2 million in financial assistance to severely wounded personnel to assist with immediate needs such as travel, lodging, transportation, etc.

What are the Foundation's goals?

Our goals are to continually beat the national averages for high school graduates enrolling in post- secondary educations and continually beat the national graduation rates from post -secondary educational institutions. 

We contact every family within 60 days of a fatality and then continue contact, counseling, mentoring, providing study materials, and assisting with the process to encourage the children to pursue a post-secondary education.

Another goal is to ensure the families of severely wounded special operations service members receive immediate financial assistance while their loved one is recovering in a hospital.

Our goal is provide the financial assistance within 48 hours of notification.

How do we measure our success?

Our goals are to continually beat the national averages for high school graduates enrolling in post- secondary educations and continually beat the national graduation rates from post -secondary educational institutions. 

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, the national average of high school graduates entering college is 68.2%. In the last five years, 88% of our annual high school graduates are enrolled in post-secondary institutions.

The national average of children graduating post-secondary educational institutions is 60 percent.  Once our children are in college or trade schools we stay in contact with them, check their grades, mentor them, provide tutoring if necessary, and are proud to be say that over the last 34 years 94% of our children who started their post- secondary education -- graduated college or other post-secondary educational institutions and trade schools.

During 13 years of war, nearly 900 special operations service members have been severely wounded.  When they arrive at a hospital in the United States, their families want and need to be at their bedside, providing love, support, and hope to their husband, father, mother son, or daughter.

The families’ lives temporarily stop while they focus on recovery of their loved one. One of the stresses we relieve is the immediate financial burden they face. 

Once we are notified of their hospitalization, we send $3,000 overnight to the hospital or home. Our goal is to deliver the funds within 48 hours of notification. 

We have delivered over $2 million, one check at a time; and 99.99% of the checks have arrived in less than 48 hours.


What makes the SOWF different?

The SOWF has made a pledge to every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine who is serving in special operations, that if they should lose their life in the line of duty, the foundation will ensure their children receive a college education. 

We take that pledge to heart, because we truly believe the best way to honor the sacrifices of our fallen heroes, is to make sure their children are not forgotten.

The staff proactively reaches out to each of the families who are part of our program.  We stay in touch by extending invitations to various events and retreats; sending birthday cards and graduation cards; and letting them know that we are a part of their extended family.

Our counselors work with our high school students closely to customize a personal plan for their studies at a conventional university, or a vocational or technical school. 

How do we report our progress?

The SOWF proudly reports the progress of graduates and how we have assisted wounded special operations personnel and their families on our website, via social media, and in our newsletters and annual report. 

Our Warrior Link newsletter is mailed to all donors, unless they ask us not to send them any literature. 
How does the Special Operations Warrior Foundation raise its money?
The Special Operations Warrior Foundation receives no funding from the federal or state government. 
As a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, the Warrior Foundation is generously supported with financial gifts from private citizens, corporations, family foundations, events, and participation in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) State employee campaigns, and gifts from personal estates.
What is the award the Foundation received from Charity Navigator? 
In 2014, Charity Navigator, the nation's leading charity watchdog group, awarded the Special Operations Warrior Foundation its NINTH consecutive 4-star rating, for its ability to efficiently manage and grow its finances. Only 1% of the nonprofits monitored by Charity Navigator have earned this distinction.
This highly coveted award indicates that the Special Operations Warrior Foundation outperforms most charities in America in its efforts to operate in the most fiscally responsible way possible.

What is the Warrior Foundation Confidentiality & Privacy Policy for beneficiaries and donors?
It is the policy of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation to protect the privacy of our beneficiaries, donors and supporters. The Foundation will not release any names, addresses, or phone numbers without permission.  
How can someone donate money, sponsor an event, or offer their services?
You have the ability to dramatically change the lives of some very special children, while providing an ensuring reminder of our appreciation for the services of some brave and indeed very special people.
The Special Operations Warrior Foundation is a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) organization.  Our Internal Revenue Service Tax Exempt identification number is 52-1183585.
There are several ways you can contribute to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. 

Our Combined Federal Campaign Number is 11455. 

You can send your tax-deductible donation via mail to:
Special Operations Warrior Foundation
P.O. Box 89367
Tampa, FL 33689


The Special Operations Warrior Foundation can be reached by telephone at (813) 805-9400.




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